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Lynsey Monteraselli

Why do I love health and fitness? I think something happens in women once they have their first child, something happens where we become more passive, and watch our children, play, learn, grow, be active, face challenges, dream...we encourage them and challenge them to grow, and we sit and watch. We were not created to sit and watch, but to be in life and be challenging and dreaming ourselves and health is a great way to do this! A healthy mom leads to healthy family and a healthier world.‪#‎FIT4MOM‬


Samantha Nolan

My job seriously is the best. I have met such an amazing group of women (moms) who never cease to amaze me. Not only do they push themselves during my classes (probably disliking me 90% of the time - especially after endless burpees) but they are such compassionate, caring, loving, giving, selfless women. They love their children more than life itself, And they support each other beyond belief. This is why I love ‪#‎StrollerStrides‬. This is why I wanted to bring this to ‪#‎MtOlive‬, NJ. Because every mom needs a group of moms to support her during the most gruesome job she will ever have, whether new to motherhood or a veteran, support is needed when raising a child. Yes, we all know it takes a village to raise a baby. And when you find your...


Britain Paulk

‪#‎Fit4Mom‬ is a family. We are a band of women who are here for each other in the wee hours of the night, during good days when we want to brag, and during hard days when we are seeking prayer and lifting up. And I’m not talking about simply at Fit4Mom of Abilene-Stroller Strides. I am talking about Fit4Mom in general. From the bottom to the very top. From the members of Fit4Mom to the franchisees to the corporate employees to the owner herself. Love, love , love. The support is incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with. Fit4Mom, you’ve changed my life and given this free and wild spirit a new set of wings. Thank you a million times!


Chelsea Lanese

I am the Owner of Fit4Mom South Orlando. Our franchise is a Classic Franchise model with an extended territory. In just one month, I have already opened 2 locations and have 25 moms in our program! I am currently teaching 10 classes per week; 9 Stroller Strides and 1 Fit4Baby. I teach 7 of the classes in our SE Orlando location, and 3 in Celebration, as we just opened classes there last week. Next month, we will begin offering 2 more class times for Stroller Strides in Celebration as we are growing very quickly! In September we will be bringing on 2 instructors and will begin offering Body Back. We will also be opening our 3rd location at The Florida Mall. Our plan is to continue growing! We have big goals and dreams for our franchise and for all of our moms! We are so far thrilled about how many moms we have in our program; especially considering we just moved here 2 months ago and we are working out in the heat of Florida summer.

I am currently working 40+ hours/week, but that is only because I choose to. I could make it a lot less, but my goal has always been to make...


Wendy Barragan

I can't simply express how fortunate I am to be part of this amazing company. When I took my first class, I just knew I had to join in this amazing full of LIFE team! There are so many moms out there that truely needs us to support them in fitness, motherhood & life.

FIT4MOM is the perfect balance of motherhood and business. I love how I can be a mother while I work. What attracted me the most of this is amazing company, is that it is run by moms for moms. I feel part of a nationwide family, where I feel comfortable to reach out to any franchise owner around the country. My creative flow is now able to be shown and carried out, I am not held back by usual Corporate America barriers. Not only do I plan classes, but I can also plan activities with my children to enjoy and learn to enjoy their childhood and make memories together.

I chose a LITE model to ease into the world of being small business owner. While I dont have a background in business, over the years I have gathered a full skill set in varying fields, from a preschool teacher to working at a Children's...


Heather Alshuler

I couldn’t be more impressed and blown away by the unconditional support and love the corporate staff has provided me as a franchisee. There is so much to learn and navigate when starting up a business and the ‪#‎FIT4MOM‬ corporate team has been an email or phone call away each and every step. Lisa Druxman, herself, called me the first week I owned, just to check how things where going. Amazing!

I feel as though corporate has found the perfect balance by making it still feels like my business and I have always felts as though I am the one driving it and getting it up and running, however I have all the support in the world helping lift me up and helping me navigate my way through unknown waters.

I have a mentor who was assigned to me a few months ago, and she has been an invaluable sounding board with a ton of experience and new ideas to get me pointed in the...


Amy Hinderer Feltus

From my first Stroller Strides class in 2008, I knew I wanted to be part of this amazing community of moms. Being a Fit4Mom franchisee is the most fulfilling career I’ve pursued - to be able to work from home, on hours I set, while helping other moms reach their fitness goals and providing them with a community of other mothers is the most amazing job. I bought my franchise in December 2013, and the last 7 months have been incredible! I love that I am showing my children how important health and fitness are, and that I can help other moms do the same.

Dina Conover

Dina Conover

I bought my FIT4MOM Franchise in 2006 with the intention of staying home with my three children and financially helping my household. Oh my! This experience has been so much more than that! I get to change the lives of moms every day! I get to see pride in the eyes of my children when they see me in action! Yes. Owning my Franchise has been financially profitable. However, the reward of knowing I am making a difference to so many, has been beyond humbling and inspiring. I am a better wife, a better mother and a better person through this experience!

jennifer lungren

Jennifer Lungren

Opening a FIT4MOM franchise was the best decision I have ever made as a business woman! My life has truly been a journey owning a FIT4MOM franchise over the past 11 years. As my family has grown, from 1 to 4 children, I have been able to grow and be successful in this business. It is truly a career that is supportive to moms and I can not imagine my journey as a mom without FIT4MOM. This franchise allows me the freedom to work hard on the business and be a mom at the same time. I am truly inspired by all the women that come to our classes. They are WHY I want to offer the best fitness program for moms in my area!

kristy fassio fit4mom franchisee

Kristy Fassio

Fit4Mom has absolutely changed my life! The day I bought my franchise was the day I feel like I woke up. I took not only my health into my hands, but the health of my family as well. Fit4Mom has provided me a way to create a tribe of moms that I am proud to be associated with, all while bring an income to my family. My daughters love their time in the stroller, and my husband is proud of our family business. I have grown as a business owner, a woman, a wife, and a mother, and I am proud of the service I provide to moms. Fit4Mom is the best thing that could have come into my life!

Stacy Hinkel.png

Stacy Hinkel

Being a FIT4MOM franchisee has allowed me to pursue my passion for fitness while setting a good example for my children and providing a healthy service for the moms in my community.

The best part of being a FIT4MOM Franchisee are all the business tools and guidance I receive from corporate and other franchisees. FIT4MOM franchisees receive a customizable website, Front Desk (a computer application that allows you to track class attendance, instructor payroll, and will automatically charge your clients each month), MyEmma (a service which allows you to create professional newsletters), and Grass Roots PR (a data base of press releases which you can modify and send directly to the news organizations closest to you-all with the click of a few buttons).

Being a mom and owning a business are both challenging endeavors but FIT4MOM has made business ownership a manageable reality (now I just need to speak to my kids about simplifying my mothering tasks)!


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