Jennifer Lungren

My story started a long time ago when I was home with my first child. I remember sitting on the stairs of my house 14 years ago crying because my husband left for work and I was all alone. I would walk everywhere just trying to make the hours of the day go by faster.

Finally, the winter weather broke and I was able to head outside for a run again. I would run to a local park and put her in the swings. Between pushes I would do step-ups on benches, pushups, squats, lunges and other exercises and then run home. One day while talking to a good friend, who lived in San Diego, she was telling me about this great class she goes to called Stroller Strides. She encouraged me to look into the class because it would help so much with meeting other moms and finding a community of women that would give me support during this time.

I called only to find out there was nothing like that in Alexandria, VA; however, Lisa asked if I would be interested in starting a franchise. I loved exercising and during my pregnancy I read everything I could about being a pregnant athlete. I just knew in my heart this was IT, the missing piece to my journey as a mom! Here I am 13 years later and the only regret I have is that I did not start this journey sooner! My closest friends are my FIT4MOM moms. I am meeting new women all the time and I love that we are building a village of support and friendship together. This journey of motherhood would be so much harder without my FIT4MOM friends. I need to know I have support but also a place to encourage, and be encouraged through one of my biggest passions- fitness!


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