Samantha Nolan

A little over three years ago, I was introduced to a class called Stroller Strides. I had no idea what this really TRULY was. At the time, we were living in Colorado Springs, CO (my husband is military). A friend there suggested we join her for a class in this fitness group she had joined. I was hesitant. I was out of shape and the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life – working out with a bunch of women who I assumed were in phenomenal shape made me a bit nervous. After much convincing (I mean she pushed me for months to get to this class) I finally went to my first class. It was held at the mall and I wasn’t expecting to get much of a workout. What kind of workout can you get while being in the mall? Really? Boy, was I proved completely wrong! The instructor, who was 6 months pregnant at the time, really kicked my rear end. I couldn’t sit down for 3 days!!! From that first class, I was hooked on Stroller Strides. I joined and never looked back and I’m so thankful she pushed me to get to class!! Not only was the fitness great; I reached new fitness levels I had never experienced before, but I also had a group of women who understood and could relate to me. They helped me deal with motherhood. They were a shoulder to cry on when my father passed away. They were my support system and more importantly, MY FRIENDS.

When we moved two years ago back to the East Coast, the first thing I looked for was my daily fitness class. THERE WASN’T ONE CLOSE TO ME! I was baffled. How could that possibly be? FIT4MOM is the best thing out there, call it liquid gold if you will, why wasn’t there one in my town? It was at this moment, I realized I NEEDED to bring FIT4MOM to my local community. I went about starting the process of purchasing a franchise out in Mt. Olive, NJ and haven’t looked back since! I purchased a small franchise on March 31, 2015. I was so excited and knew this was the next chapter of my life. It was a rough start in the beginning – but then again, I was building a business from the ground up. It was bound to take a while. I mean after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

I love going off and teaching class every day. I love my clients. I love their children. I love their families. I love the village we have made out here. The village we continue to grow every day. Sure some days it’s frustrating and I want a village the size of some other franchises. But when I stop and take a step back, I realize I’ve created magic out here. One of my favorite quotes is from Field Of Dreams; “If you build it, they will come.” I’ve kept that quote handy for the last year and a half of building a business, I’m still building, and the mamas are still coming. Create the magic daily. They will believe it just the way you do!

Nicole Shewey, FIT4MOM Owner, Brentwood, CA


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